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Let's hear it for our volunteers!

“Partners in Excellence”

The Lake County Parks Volunteers is a large group of men, women and children who generously give their time, energy and dedication throughout the year. There is a steady stream of love generated by these wonderful volunteers and their commitment to service. They may never know the true extent of the acts they give and how they impact our communities and organization. We are grateful and proud to have them as “Partners in Excellence”. The following is a list of some of the volunteers and the parks sites where they have worked.

Bellaboo’s: Larry Ard   

Buckley Homestead:  Andrew Allison • Larry and Sheila Ard • Stacy, Kristina, Cynthia and Samantha Atkinson •  Charile and Shelby Blink • Kathy and John Blink •Evelyn Burlson • Kathy Bryant • Michelle Byczek • Betty Carrillo • John and Sue Childs John,Tylor and Destiny Clemens • Heather Cole • Diane Crabb • Ed Crabb • Davis Family • Beth Delahunty • Miranda and Maris Dodge Judy Eaker • Danielle Evans • Jessica Finch • Elizabeth Fleszewski • Martha Foreman • Lynn Galliher • Hector Garcia •Carolyn Geiser • Paul Gerst • Pat Gomez • Mike  Gozdecki and Family • Carol Grugel • Phyllis Gruszak • Beth Hanks  Hann Family • Sue, Sarah, and James Hayden  •Laurie Hetzel • Joe and Amy Hemingway • Kate Henry • Betty Hoecker • Cindy and Jim Horgash • Leanne Horne • Kiara Hubster-Robertson • Bev Johnson • Fred, Sarah, John, Tina & Margaret Jones • Tom and Ruth Joyce • Kalmer Family • Dan Keith • Char Kelly • Donna King  Michaelle King • Glen Kirk • Kathy,Aliana and Adalia Knakiewicz • MaryLou Koebler • Jeane,Ken and Kasey Kolberg   Kranc Family • Carole Kutcka • Marilyn Langbehn • June and Dan Lee • Linda Lerch • Christine and John  Lira • Heather Loeffler • Lauren Ludwig • Leroy Mann • Mary Martin  Brian Mathias • Vanessa McCracken • McLemore Family • Dorisann McNeill • Jeff and Jessie Mescal • Cathy Misch • Lois Mitchell •  Felicia Montesarchio • Marry Morris • Jessica Muirhead  Jay “Sasquatch” Nichols • Fred and Lorna Nietzel • Mary Nugent • Judy Onda • Kathy O’Neal • Gloria Ossanna • Hal and Mary Paddock • Troy and Cody Pate • Judy Pierce • Pat Pohrte • Barbara Potter • Reed Family • Ed Regnier • Marissa Repasi • Kayla Robertson • Shana and Seth Robertson  • Phyllis Rosenthal • Tim Saldana • Christina and Trevor Sanford • Shelhart Family • Nancy Smith • Rosemarie Smith • Bill and Arline Smolik • Keegan and Emmi Starkey • Eileen Stewart • Kenny Stone • Jackie Suggs • Kaje Svendsen • Ella Swinney • Cindy and Zoey Swinson • Ray Talerek • Scott, Jorie and Lilly Tapley • Cliff and Shannan Tetrault • Coleen Travis • Lena Valentine • Tim Velo • Diane  and  Lindsay Ward • Wheatfield Boy Scout Troop #162 • Anne Weingart • Doug and Greg Werner • Wayne and Dolly Weitbrock • Dan Williams • Angela and Sophia Wilson • Melanie Witham • Tom Wojcinski • Leah Woods • Eleanor Wusik • Kate Yelkich • Kaley and Chloe Young • Mark,Valerie,and Nick Ziemkowski • Cynthia Zimmerman • Paul Zimmerman • Roy Zimmerman • Marlene Zloza • Wheatfield Girl Scout Troop • and the students from Eagle Park School, Crown Point: Derrian Baker • Patrick Herman • Dana Kersey • Christopher Skinner • Andre’ Smith • Brandon Stacks • Darius White and their teacher Rosellen Kozel.

Cedar Creek Family Golf Center: Joe Bryzicki • Ryan Eckert • Vic Guthrie • Joe Huet • Bob Justak • Gary Justak • Larry Maas • Kelly Plohg • Becky Snemis • Bill Springer • Lou Vauter

CSRI (Community Special Recreation Initiative): Andrea Daliege • Cindy Horgash  

Deep River County Park: Bill Aldrin • Larry Ard • Larry Benner • Denise Bildilli • Rosemary Bull • Michelle Byczek • James E. Conrad • Heather Cummings • Shirley Donsbach • Hector Garcia • Terry Haas • Tony Hailey •  Paula Kemperle • Wendy Loggins • Kristina Marsh • Stephen Marsh • Ryan Marsh • Rick Narjes • John Roquet • Jim Shearer •  Brittany Shearer • Lorraine Shearer • Karen Slager • Emily Schmidt • Pat Strange • Ruth Szczepaniak • Bob Thomas • Donna Thormahlen • Janet Torres • Lawrence Turnquist • Wayne Woodrich    

Deep River Grinders Vintage Base Ball Team: Casey Aldrin • James Basala • Mark Benoit • Kevin Brown • Ted and Wayne Bull • Troy Camplan • Brian Doolin •Mike Loeffler • Ralph Lundewall • Mike Mays • Joe Parker • Rob Pisowicz Tony Rogers • Dave Stutler • Rob Szrom • Kent Uittenbogaard • Mark Uittenbogaard • Phil Whitman

Deep River Waterpark New Year’s Eve Party:   Donna Clemens-Gill • Laura Robertson  

Gardening Club: Joe and Janice Adamczk • Maria Azcona • Betty Bluett • Theresa Brandys • Lynn Carroll • Tom Cashmir   Heather Cole • Kathy Cox • Janice Davis • Darlene Deck •  Nancy Dumary • Dian Fruth • Joyce Gertz • Joyce Hrycak  Glen Kirk •  Peter Kresmeir • Pat Leep •  Mary Leep •  Virginia Mader • Barb McNeff  • Marion Micele • Judy Onda • Judy Pierce • Joann Sharkey • Lynn Schaller • Jim and Theresa Smutniak • Arline and Bill Smolik • Laura Snyder • Bob Votaw      Pat and Nancy Wisniewski • Lynn Worries

Geocache Event: Giesla & John Thielbar

Gibson Woods: Bill Anhalt • Rick Bower • Franklin and Mark Canales • Donna Gonzalez • Kim Harmon • Grace & Rose Kruse • Elmer Mauger • Alexis McCooley • Dave Murchek • Michael Topp • Fred Taylor • Andrea Wartman • Donald Wilcox

Grand Kankakee Marsh: Larry Ard • Stacy Atkinson • Ken Bentley • Bob Casey • Jim Crocker • Miranda and Maris Dodge •  Jim Fiene • Jim Gouwens • Marc Gudgel • Terry Haas • Doc Hall • Kiara Hubster-Robertson • Bob and Sandy Jansen • Fred Jones • Dave King • Earl and Wanda Lilly • Matt Madder • Rick and Dawn Narjes • Jay “Sasquatch” Nichols • Ed Nilson • Mike Orange • Brian Popiela • Jorie Tapley • Kyle Thompson • Dusty Traum • Tom Wojcinski • Jerry Wright • Logan Wright

Griffith Grinners 4-H (Gibson Woods): Sue, Joe and Matt Kresich • Donald Wilcox

Hunter’s Education: John Blink • Doug Simpson

Lemon Lake Disc Golf Course: Brian Cummings and the members of the Red Roc Disc Golf Club

Natural Areas: Jennifer Cannedy • Tacy Fletcher • Glen Goodwine • Peter Kesheimer • James Lamb • Dan MacDowell

Oak Ridge Prairie: Dan Frost • Joe and Joan Panozzo

Stoney Run: Brian Nelson, Joe and Nick Chelas and the Eagle Scouts

Turkey Creek Golf Course: Bob Crossk

Wild Ones: Mary Ann Becklenberg • Bob and Eloise Cashman • Kathy Coleman • Linda Cook • Pat Erickson • Loyce Fandrei • Annette Farrell • Peggy Foster • Debbie Lewis • Diane Love • Barb McNeff • Helen Paskiewicz • Pat Rosenwinkel • Pat Thompson • Bill and Jennifer Tobin • Gayle and John Tokarz

A group hug also goes out to the folks at the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Hebron for all their hard work at Stoney Run during their national day of service, The Division of Nature Preserve, The Nature Conservancy, and the Shirley Heinz Land Trust for their continued help with the Lake County Park’s natural areas.


If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering with the Lake County Parks and would like to be put on the mailing list for the “meet ‘n greet” in February, please send an email to Dawn Robertson, Volunteer Coordinator or call the office.  DawnR@lakecountyparks.com   219-947-7275

For reservations and more information about the Lake County Parks Call 219-769-PARK
Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm Central Time (Chicago Time)

Lake County Parks and Recreation Department Corporate Office
8411 East Lincoln Highway, Crown Point, Indiana 46307
Just west of Deep River WaterparK 4.5 miles east of I-65 on Route 30