Deep River Grinders Roster

Your Beloved Deep River Grinders - 2017 Roster

  • Jim “Glacier” Basala
  • Mark “Chow Time” Benoit
  • Brian “Patches” Doolin
  • Evan “Birdman” Gruhlke
  • Megan "Fancy Pants" Hawkins
  • Dave “Wildcatter” Kirchhoff
  • Terry “Geezer” Kras
  • Mike “Ball ’n Chain” Leto
  • Mike “Spanky” Loeffler
  • Ralph “Thunderclap” Lundewall
  • Mike “The Rainmaker” Mays
  • Travis “Sweet T” McClaskey
  • Rob “Lefty” Pisowicz
  • Walt “Moose” Paslawski
  • Skip “Thatcher” Schafer
  • Dave “The Tacker” Stutler
  • Rob “Pudge” Szrom
  • Ryan “Sandlot” Trisler
  • Barry “Crowbar” Warren
  • Kevin “Barnyard” Williamson
  • Aaron “Prickly” Wineinger

Itinerant Players

  • Casey “Rabbi” Aldrin
  • Kevin “Rickets” Brown
  • Ed “Town Ball” Radiger
  • Tony “The Convict” Rogers
  • Umpires
    • “Gentleman Jim” Basala
    • Terry “Geezer” Kras

On the Sidelines

  • Bill “Sarsaparilly Willy” Aldrin
  • Sandy “Tally” Basala
  • Larry Benner “Scoreboard”
  • Dyan “The General” Wheeler-Quilter
  • Karen Slager “Seamstress”
  • Too many treasured wives and children to list and our wonderful cranks


  • Tony Hailey Photography, Portage
  • Lakeshore Landscaping, Valparaiso
  • Stutler Upholstery, Hobart
  • Able Paper, Merrillville
  • Bill Aldrin, Gary

A Tip of the Hat

To the Lake County Parks for their continued support of the Deep River Grinders. The Grinders are able to connect the past with the current in an engaging and welcoming manner. Visiting teams marvel at the crowd of fans drawn to Grinder Field. It is a “family.” Thank you Grinder Cranks. You are truly the best!