Boys playing Foot Golf

Move over little ball, you’re no longer the only ball on the course. Never heard of FootGolf? Not many people have, but the Professional Golf Association looks at this relatively new and somewhat unconventional game as a positive complement to the traditional one; you know the one with the clubs. “It combines elements of soccer and golf on a modified course and we think that Cedar Creek Family Golf Center is the right place to play this new sport,” said Chris Cioroianu, superintendent of park operations for the Lake County Parks.

Traditional golf will still be played at Cedar Creek. “We’re just expanding the opportunity for more people to enjoy the course,” added Cioroianu. Both types of golfers are expected to adhere to ball golf etiquette and rules. A Number 5 or Number 4 soccer ball can be used. Number 4 for the younger player. Players are encouraged to bring their own ball, but both size balls will be for sale in the pro shop for $8. There is no ball rental.

Just in case you’re wondering what size hole the soccer ball has to fall into, it’s 21 inches in diameter. Lengths of the holes vary from 90 yards to 250 yards. Four of the nine FootGolf holes will be played on the south side of 113th Avenue, an area that until now has not been used. “This will help keep foot golf and ball golf somewhat separate. We are asking foot golfers not to wear outdoor soccer cleats. Indoor soccer or turf shoes are acceptable,” said Cioroianu. The cost for FootGolf is $5 for all ages all times. Walking is encouraged but foot golfers can rent golf carts for $8 per person. (Availability is limited).

The Lake County Parks is a member of both the Indiana Foot Golf Association (IFGA) and the United States Foot Golf Association (USFGA).