Safety Guidelines and Expectations

General Information

Sick? Please stay home. We’re happy to issue refunds for any paid events, but if you’ve had a fever, cough, or digestive troubles in the last few days leading up to a program or hike please do not attend. Give us a call and let us know you won’t be making it. If there is a similar event further along the calendar we’ll be sure to let you know. 

Handwashing remains super important. When available we’ll plan to have restrooms open with handwashing/sanitizing stations within them. However, it is still a great idea to bring your own hand sanitizer whenever possible

Remember to be good to one another. Everyone has had a different experience these last couple of months, so if you see someone behaving in a way that you don’t agree with, please communicate with kindness. As we all start to come back together physically, it’s more important than ever that we really work together, even while staying 6 feet apart. 

Social Distancing

As we begin to regather for programs and events social distancing is of the utmost importance. We are currently only bringing back events where we believe distance is possible to maintain. This may mean fewer spaces available, a more spread-out experience than you’re used to, or even a longer program to give everyone a chance to hear or see what we’re discussing. 

Plan to be patient as we work to create a fun and safe experience for everyone and be respectful of other’s space. 


Even though larger gatherings are once again permitted, we are keeping our registration limits based on what we can handle while allowing for safe distancing between households. 

Please make a habit of calling in advance of any program. This will allow staff to let you know if you need to sign up, if there’s space available, or if the event has been modified or rescheduled.

We are also doing our best to diligently check our Facebook messages and emails. If you reach out either of these ways, please just include the program/park site you’re inquiring about.


Masks are not currently required for a regular park visit but are encouraged for scheduled programs when social distancing is not possible. Masks are required in our indoor spaces, following the Lake County guidelines. 

Our staff will be wearing masks for your safety.

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