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Play Pass Registration Form

  1. Bellaboo's Play Pass Registration Details
  2. Thank you for your interest in a Bellaboo's Annual Play Pass. By filling out this form you'll save yourself some time at the gate when you arrive.
    Please do NOT enter any payment or credit card information on this form. You will pay for your pass when you come to play.
  3. Bellaboo's Annual Play Pass is designed for families in the same household. Passes are exclusive to each family member (i.e. two parents cannot share the same pass). Additional adults outside the household may be added on a case by case basis (such as adding a grandparent or nanny in addition to the parents), but we are generally unable to add on additional kids not within the household (cousins, neighbors, etc.).
    We understand that there may be unique family dynamics we are not considering. If you are interested in purchasing a Play Pass, but feel we've overlooked your situation please contact us by email at or phone at 219-963-2070.
  4. Please select which base package you would like to purchase. *
    You can add on family members to any package for $20 per person.
  5. Will you be adding on any additional people to your package?*
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