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Play Pass Registration Form

  1. Bellaboo's Play Pass Registration Details
  2. Thank you for your interest in a Bellaboo's Annual Play Pass. By filling out this form you'll save yourself some time at the gate when you arrive.
    Please do NOT enter any payment or credit card information on this form. You will pay for your pass when you come to play.
  3. Your Base Pass at Bellaboo's is designed for one household, and everyone included in your pass must be named and entered into our database when you sign up. Passes are exclusive to each family member (i.e. two parents cannot share the same pass). For individuals outside the household who you may want to bring along, one $50 Flex Card can be added onto any pass, and that allows you to bring any single guest with you (adult or child) with each of your visits.

    If you have a unique family situation and are interested in purchasing a play pass that may not fit within our standard parameters, please include that information in the Notes/Comments section at the bottom of a page and a manager will contact you to confirm pricing. 

  4. Please select which base package you would like to purchase. *

    If you have an odd number of people in your family we recommend sizing up and you may utilize that additional spot for a named person outside of your direct household (nanny, grandparent, etc.).

  5. Will you be adding on Flex Pass to your package*

    Flex Pass is $50 and can be used to bring along ANY one guest anytime you visit! Someone from your base pass must be present for your guest pass to be utilized. 

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