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Legend of Sleepy Hollow Casting Call

  1. Lake County Parks & Rec
  2. Legend of Sleepy Hollow 2022 Casting Call

    Tickets on Sale August 24

    All prospective performers must provide us with this information. We will not assume you are interested in performing again just because you have in years past. Thank you! 

  3. Volunteer Commitment

    Before proceeding please be aware of the following: 

    We ask that you commit to a weekend set of performances, both Friday and Saturday of that week. If your schedule is flexible, and you don't have a preference which weekend we will plug you in where you are most needed. You can always volunteer for both weekends! 

    Performance dates are: September 9 & 10, and September 16 & 17. 

    There is a walkthrough rehearsal on Wednesday, August 31st in the afternoon. This is not a full dress rehearsal, but a run through of the full evening and HIGHLY recommended, especially for new volunteers. 

  4. Adult or Child
  5. Do you need a costume provided?

    If so, you will be asked later on in the form to provide us with your measurements. 

  6. Are there other members of your family wishing to volunteer as well?
  7. Contact Information
  8. Contact Preference
  9. If you wish to list another number or email address for other members of your volunteer group you can do so here. 

  10. Volunteer Preferences
  11. I prefer to help
  12. Does your preferred date apply to your whole group?
  13. Role Preferences

    There are many different roles in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and you'll have the most fun, and our guests will have the best time, when we can put you in the right spot. 

    In general, there are speaking roles and more atmospheric roles. 

    If you're interested in a speaking role you MUST be able to project. We're outside and you'll be competing with wind, night noises, and other people, so we want you to be able to throw your voice far enough for a whole group of people to hear it. Speaking roles may require a try-out.

    Please also let us know if there is anything else we should be aware of when casting you. If you need to volunteer alongside your child, or if you have difficulty walking and would prefer to be in a less mobile role. The more information you have to give us, the better we can use to cast you. 

    If you've volunteered before or seen the show often and have a specific character or position in mind, let us know. Be aware, however, that preference may be given to more seasoned volunteers already familiar with playing that part. 

    And of course, if you're totally flexible and open to whatever, let us know that too!

  14. Costumes!

    If you need a costume please fill out the section below with your measurements. 

    ALL PERFORMERS please read the list of things you will be required to provide. 

    Measurement Details

    Women/Girls please provide your name, height, clothing size, and the measurement from your shoulders to your ankles. (this helps us keep your dress from being too long)

    Example: Dawn, 5'4", women's size 20, 48" from shoulder to ankle. 
    Kiara, 4'6", youth size 14/16, 35" from shoulder to ankle. 

    Men/Boys please provide your name, height, pant size, shirt size, and a measurement around your midsection so we can be sure your vest fits.

    We have limited mens pant sizes available, so if you have pants that you're comfortable in we'll show you how to temporarily turn them into knickers.  

    Example: John, 6'0", 36x36, XL shirts, 44" around belly. 

  15. What You'll Need to Provide (Women/Girls)
    • Plain black or brown shoes
      • If you are in the upper barn, ballet shoes or flats are fine. 
      • If you are going to be on the trail or a guide please be sure they're weather appropriate and dark in color. 
      • You'll be on your feet a lot, so be sure your choice is comfortable!
    • Black, White, or Cream stockings/knee-highs
    • Women, if possible, wear hair in a bun
    • Girls, if possible, wear hair curled, half up, with a ribbon
    • No nail polish
    • No modern jewelry or watches unless hidden by costume
  16. What You'll Need to Provide (Men/Boys)
    • Black or Brown dress-type shoes
      • No sneakers please
    • Black, brown, or navy pants
      • We'll show you how to temporarily turn them into knickers or short pants
    • Dark or Cream colored knee high stocking style socks 
      • No obvious athletic socks, or anything with colored stripes
    • No modern jewelry or watches visible. 
  17. Thank you so much!

    We'll contact you in the coming weeks with your next steps. 

    If you have any questions before then, or need to make any updates to your information, Dawn Robertson is the event organizer and volunteer coordinator. 

    You can reach her here:

    Office Phone (Mon-Fri)- 219-947-7275
    Cell Phone (please leave voicemail with all your details)- 219-306-6355
    Email: or

    Tickets go on sale Wednesday, August 24 from 5-7 PM at Deep River Waterpark. Tell your friends! Any remaining tickets will be sold the following morning starting at 9 AM by calling the Lake County Parks office at 219-769-7275.

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