Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a sport for all.  With five 18-hole championship courses designed for the beginner to the professional, there is an opportunity for those at any level of play at Lemon Lake.  To better serve golfers the Lemon Lake Flight Center Disc Golf Pro Shop and Concessions is located on the park site. Shop owners, Deb and Jay Svitko, carry a range of discs from many of the leading manufacturers including INNOVA, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, DGA, Legacy, Latitude, Westside and Gateway as well as accessories including golf bags, straps, T-shirts, towels, birdie bags, birdie beads, disc golf practice baskets and more.

For information about leagues, tournaments, and courses contact the Lemon Lake Flight Center at 219-771-3472 or email Lamon Lake Flight Center.  Keep up-to-date on happenings by liking Lemon Lake Flight Center Disc Golf Pro Shop and Concessions on Facebook.  

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Disc Golf at Lemon Lake County Park: the Perfect Place - Beginner or Professional

What's disc golf? It's similar to ball golf but instead of hitting golf balls, players throw Frisbee-like discs at a basket. It's a lot more challenging than you might think. That's where the hyzer and anhyzer come into play. A hyzer is when a player uses a backhand throw. The disc's flight arc causes it to fall in the direction opposite of the throwing arm. An anhyzer is when a disc's flight arc falls in the same direction of the throwing arm. Okay, enough of the technical stuff. While the game, played at the pro level, can be complicated, it is also an activity that is easy to learn and lots of fun. Many of the holes at Lemon Lake have been designed for beginner play. Beginners generally don't take on the really challenging holes until they learn several different types of shots.


If you're thinking that disc golf is a new sport, think again. The Professional Disc Golf Association, the game's non-profit governing body, was founded in 1976 in California. Today the PDGA is run by the players and is overseen by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by the 11,531 members who play in more than twenty countries on five continents.


It's a sport that's challenging to the individual, just like ball golf, but it's much less expensive and very open to new players. Lemon Lake has wonderful courses because of its rolling hills, elevation changes, some tight wooded fairways and some open ones.


An annual event is the Matt Lovasko Memorial "Homies" Tournament generally on the second Sunday in October sponsored by Matt's family in memory of Matt's enthusiasm for the game. Last year 240 golfers competed. For the kick-off, instead of the usual moment of silence in memory of Matt, the crowd conducts an energetic moment of noise.

All events are held at Lemon Lake County Park, 6322 West 133rd Avenue just east of Cedar Lake.

Visit the Flight Center Facebook Page to learn about more Disc Golf Events happening. 


The courses have gained good reputations because the holes are diverse, mixing open space fairways with tight ones. The Red Course has a total of 5,762 feet with a par of 61. The Blue Course has a total of 5,341 or 5,936 feet depending on the tee box with a par of 57. The Silver Course has a total of 6,417 feet with a par of 60. Gold Course tee pads adjoin the Silver course. The White Course opened in 2009.