Bellaboo's COVID-19 Information

Know Before You Go

Masks Per local guidelines put out by the Lake County Commissioners masks are required in all Lake County Government buildings for anyone ages 8 and up regardless of vaccination stations. As Bellaboo's is owned and operated by the Lake County Parks Department, we are enforcing this decision. Masks are encouraged, but not required, for children ages 2-7.

Feeling Sick? We hope it goes without saying but if you are sick or have been in close contact with someone who is or has been sick (with COVID or anything else!) please plan to visit when you’re well again. 

Keep it Clean A clean facility has ALWAYS been of the utmost importance at Bellaboo’s! We’ve worked hard to adapt and enhance our cleaning procedures. However, we all know that things can get messy again quickly with kids. If you ever feel an area needs extra attention please let someone know. 

Attendance Currently, we are not requiring advance reservations outside of events and parties. 

What’s Different? A few things. The ball pit and face painting are closed indefinitely (but have been replaced with fun alternatives!). Additionally, we, like many in the industry, are currently facing unique challenges in finding employees. As we continue to grow our team we thank you for your patience. Our first priority will ALWAYS be keeping the facility clean and safe; In order to ensure this we may make other changes such as shortened cafe hours or rearranged program times-- thank you for being flexible along with us. 

*We know masks can be tricky for some little ones, especially those with sensory sensitivities. If your child needs a mask break indoors, we understand. Just please be mindful of those around you and try to take your break when you're able to give others as much space as possible. Thank you! 

I have a question! 

From additional hand sanitizer stations to daily health screenings for staff there’s plenty more we’re doing to help keep you safe! If there’s anything not covered here that you’d like more information on don’t hesitate to reach out. As we finish getting everything ready we’re not always near the phone, but we do have staff checking emails regularly.

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