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Aug 22

Legend of Sleepy Hollow 2022

Posted on August 22, 2022 at 1:05 PM by Emily Trisler

The classic story, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is retold at Buckley Homestead through this unique, entertaining, and interactive event. Be transported to Tarrytown, New York to the dreamy little village of Sleepy Hollow. Some odd things are happening with the residents there, join a guide as you explore the village and hear their stories.

Lantern and pumpkins


About tickets

  • When does The Legend of Sleepy Hollow take place?
    • 2022 Sleepy Hollow dates are Friday and Saturday, September 9, 10, 16 and 17. There are multiple showtimes in a night, ranging from around 6 until after 9 PM.
  • Do I need a ticket to attend? Can I get them at the door?
    • You MUST have a ticket to attend Sleepy Hollow at Buckley Homestead. Tickets are NOT available at the door and must be purchased in advance. 
  • How do I get tickets?
    • Tickets go on sale in person on Wednesday, August 24 from 5 PM - 7 PM at Deep River Waterpark. It is not uncommon for people to begin lining up well before 5 PM, so even if you arrive right at 5 PM, expect to wait in line. In person ticket sales will stop at 7 PM (or when tickets sell out, whichever may be first), and any unsold tickets still available at 7 PM will be resold the following morning over the phone and then mailed to you. You can call for the phone tickets starting at 9 AM on Thursday, August 25 by calling 219-769-7275 and then tapping 0. 
  • Are tickets available online?
    • Lake County Parks does NOT offer ticket sales for Sleepy Hollow online, and a physical ticket is required for the event. If you see tickets for sale online PLEASE exercise caution before giving anyone your money– if they are offering to email you the tickets it is a scam as tickets cannot be emailed.
    • However, sometimes people buy tickets and have schedules change or part of their group back out, and they may be reselling their tickets online through social media. If you don’t know who you’re buying from, or are unsure if what you’re purchasing is legitimate, we suggest asking the seller to meet you at the Lake County Parks main office to exchange tickets for payment, that way we can verify they are real Sleepy Hollow tickets.
  • Do I really need to line up in person on Wednesday night to get tickets then?
    • Maybe? If you have a large group or a very specific day or time you'd like to attend then lining up is probably in your best interest. If you have a smaller group (4 people or fewer) and fairly open availability, then waiting until the next day might work for you. 
    • There is no guarantee of phone sales. In recent years there have been a good number of tickets left for sale by phone on Thursday morning, but there are not tickets set aside for this specifically. If all the tickets sell on Wednesday night, then there will be no phone sale tickets available. We'll do our best to post here and on Facebook Wednesday night and Thursday morning letting you know if there are tickets left. 
  • How much are tickets? How many can I buy? 
    • Tickets are $9 each, and non-refundable. You must choose the specific time you'd like to arrive at purchase and this cannot be changed. A maximum of 15 tickets can be purchased per person.

Lady on the path

about the show

  • What exactly is the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? 
    • When you visit the Legend of Sleepy Hollow you’ll be met by a guide, a resident of Sleepy Hollow, who will take you throughout the town and tell you some of their stories. Along the way, you’ll make multiple stops at various “scenes” and hear from other residents about what is going on. At some of these stops, you’ll just hear their tales, but at others, you’ll be invited to join in the fun. On your journey, you’ll walk much of the grounds at Buckley Homestead and will take a ride on a hay wagon. 
  • Are there age limits for the event?
    • No, the event is open to all ages, but there is a lengthy walk (around a mile) and strollers are not recommended as there will not be room for them on the hay wagon. Any young children will need to walk or be carried, so we would generally recommend the event for ages 4 and up, but all are welcome and it is totally at parents’ discretion. 
  • Is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow scary? 
    • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is not a haunted walk or Halloween event. However, it is very atmospheric. You’re walking outside, often in the dark, on a trail lit only by lanterns. You’re listening to a story that’s peculiar. You might walk by places thought to be eerie, like a graveyard. Our goal is to entertain you with a good story and immersive experience, not to scare you. 
  • Tell me more about the walking?
    • In total you’ll walk about a mile along gravel or mulch pathways. Mid way, as long as weather conditions allow, you’ll hop on a haywagon. If the wagon is unable to run that will add about a quarter mile to your walk. Comfortable footwear, good for walking outside, is encouraged. In addition to the weather the night of your show, pay attention to the weather leading up to your event. Even if it does not rain during Sleepy Hollow, if it has rained earlier in the week boots may be a good choice as trails may still be damp.
  • What about weather, is everything outdoors?
    • Yes, all of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow takes place outdoors, with a stop in the main barn, and there is no indoor alternative in the event of inclimate weather. In the event of rain, we likely will continue with the show as long as conditions are not unsafe. If you are uncertain, the best way to reach us day-of show is either by Facebook Messenger (Buckley Homestead County Park or Lake County Parks) or by emailing our general inbox. 


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