Bellaboo's Imagination Garden

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Bellaboo's imagination garden 

Bellaboo's is excited to announce B.I.G. is open for play, this is our first major expansion since this addition of the Dino Dig in 2011. 

Imagine a garden designed for both children and their grown-ups in mind. Vibrant, lush, tranquil with exciting journeys around every turn. Perhaps, there's a 60 ft. custom pirate ship complete with captain's wheel and climbing treasures to find. Experience workshop spaces and picnic areas framed by native plants and not-so-native palm trees. We are ready for play! * B.I.G. play is always weather pending. Once open for the season water elements are typically on at 70 degrees or higher. 

All programs are subject to change. To learn about play basics and more, visit out Plan Your visit pages. 

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